A Huge Thank You to Bay Area Lyme Foundation for honoring me with a coveted Emerging Leader Award!

This $100,000 scientific grant has allowed us to go forward with the much needed initial proof of concept testing of our new drug to combat Lyme and bartonella and research is underway. Bay Area Lyme Foundation is an amazing organization and we couldn’t be more grateful! I’m working alongside Dr. Neil Spector of Duke University, Dr. Jayakumar Rajadas of Stanford University, Dr. Ed Breitschwerdt and his team from Galaxy Diagnostics and NC State, Dana Parish, and too many others to list here. We’re developing a drug for the treatment of bartonella and Lyme, made possible by this joint-development effort involving some of the smartest folks from academia, the private sector, and the non-profit world.

Joint venture between Duke University, Johns Hopkins University, and Tulane University. This project was fully funded by the Steven and Alexandra Cohen Foundation, which is a stellar organization.  The goal is to use a specialized high-throughput proteomics platform to find new drugs to treat Lyme and Bartonella.  It’s the same precision medicine technology used to find drugs for cancer and HIV, only this time it’s finally turned toward eradicating Lyme and Bartonella.  The advantage of this type of research is that it results in highly specific, smart bombs that keenly target these organisms but do not destroy beneficial microbes, for example in our GI tract.  At the same time, we can engineer the results so as to minimize any harm to human cells.  We already have lots of drug candidates and have now moved past the initial steps.