Your backyard shouldn’t be a scary place.

But this is where many of us have gotten sick. I hope you’ll learn something from this web site that will help you and your family stay safe.

Dr. Steven Phillips, MD

Meet Dr. Phillips

Steven E. Phillips, MD is a Yale-trained, world-renowned expert on zoonotic infections who has treated over 20,000 patients from over 20 countries. He is well-published in the peer-reviewed medical literature, acclaimed for his work in linking chronic diseases to occult infections, and successfully treating some of medicine’s most complex cases. He specializes in the management of zoonotic infections, which include Lyme, Bartonellosis, Babesiosis, and other vector-borne diseases. Additionally, he has served as an expert for the states of CT, NY, RI, and VT, providing testimony during their respective public hearings, which resulted in changes to existing healthcare laws. Phillips has lectured at numerous medical schools, societies, and hospitals, is an in-demand guest for TV and other media, and has been a longstanding public face of the Lyme Disease epidemic. READ MORE >

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Chronic featured in NY Times

The NY Times discusses Dr. Phillips’s new book about chronic illness Long-Haul Covid and the Chronic Illness Debate: What persistent Covid cases might have in common with chronic fatigue syndrome and Lyme disease, and why it matters. By Ross Douthat As it happens, the minority view — that chronic Lyme is actually a chronic infection, … Keep Reading >

The NY Post names Chronic as one of "The best new books to read"

Steven Phillips and Dana Parish (nonfiction, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)Dr. Phillips was a renowned physician when he himself became a patient — with a mystery illness that no one seemed able to diagnose. The same happened to Dana Parish. “Chronic” is a look at the pandemic of chronic conditions caused by common infections. A fascinating look … Keep Reading >

Dr. Phillips & Dana Parish: keynote speakers at LymeMind

On October 10, 2020, Dr. Phillips and Dana Parish led a discussion about the topics in their upcoming book, “Chronic: The Hidden Cause of Autoimmune Pandemic and How to Get Healthy Again” at the 5th Annual LymeMIND Virtual Conference. Check out the full event schedule at The LymeMIND team, based at the Icahn School … Keep Reading >

Dr. Phillips' piece on the truth about chronic Lyme is now up on NBC News.

Lyme disease patients fight for their lives while academics fight each other. That’s just wrong. The number of people who get Lyme disease compared to how little research on it is ever funded is staggering. Scientific bias is hurting people. For patients, there is often nothing more soul-crushing than being inexplicably sick with doctor after … Keep Reading >

Dr. Phillips' article is published in Norway's largest newspaper

Linked below is the piece Dr. Phillips wrote, which was published in Norway’s largest newspaper, Aftenposten meninger (it can be translated from Norwegian to English on google translate). It was written in response to a piece by a Norwegian doctor, who makes a series of incorrect claims, including that chronic Lyme is as a pseudo-diagnosis and that researchers … Keep Reading >

A Huge Thank You to Bay Area Lyme Foundation for honoring me with a coveted Emerging Leader Award!

This $100,000 scientific grant allows us to go forward with the much needed initial proof of concept testing of our new drug to combat Lyme and bartonella. They're an amazing organization and we couldn't be more grateful! I'm working alongside Dr. Neil Spector of Duke, Dana Parish, Dr. Ed Breitschwerdt and his team from Galaxy Diagnostics and NC State, and too many others to list here. We're developing what we believe will be a game-changing drug for the treatment of bartonella and Lyme, made possible by this joint-development effort involving some of the smartest folks from academia, the private sector, and the non-profit world, Keep Reading >

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