Going to the doctor can be a stressful experience.  That doesn't have to be so.  Our office is designed to be relaxing and we only hire friendly folks.
Doctors and patients have both noticed the same obstacle to good medical care.  Not enough time.  To address this, we offer a hybrid practice design which straddles the fence between the old school medical office that takes insurance for office visits, but gives only a few minutes for each visit, and concierge medicine, which charges a membership fee to join a practice but offers boutique medicine. 

This office doesn't accept any insurance programs for office visits but also doesn't charge a fee to join the practice.  This allows us to schedule more time for visits than your standard medical office that takes insurance.  Medications, lab testing, radiology exams, and physical therapy services are almost always covered by your insurance program at your in-network rates as long as you have those services performed at an in-network facility, but we always recommend that you check with your insurance program to confirm your coverages before coming.

We provide you with a superbill which you can submit to your insurance.  Insurance coverage varies, so again, check with your insurance company first.  Office fees vary depending on the practitioner chosen, which Steven Phillips MD, Kelly Mechionno APRN, and Catilin Doody APRN.  Both NP's have been extensively trained by Dr. Phillips and are compassionate and smart.

If you've made an appointment that you can't keep, please contact us immediately.  Failure to provide advance notice will result in a charge.  For cancellation of a new patient appointment, we require 72 hours advance notice and for cancellation of a follow up appointment we require 24 hours advance notice. 

Although this office has traditionally provided allopathic care, we encourage a multimodal approach, as answers don't always come in a pill.   Consequently, we work closely with integrative practioners to get our patients well.

Our Past, Present, & Plans for the Future

The practice opened in 1996.  Since then we've been slowly unraveling the complexitites of the chronic illness which has been repeatedly demonstrated in patients with Lyme, bartonella, and associated zoonotic infections.

These illnesses are among the most enigmatic and hotly debated in all of medicine, the unfortunate result of which is that these chronically ill patients have become an exceedingly disenfranchised patient group.

It's been difficult but very gratifying to help patients in a very material way.